Find Samples by Tag Details

On the
page, you can find and filter samples by different tag-related artifacts.
Artifact Type
When To Use It
Find samples matched to a tag.
Tag Alias
Find samples by the Alias field in the Tag Details. The Tag Alias allows the tag owner to specify common names for the threat that the tag identifies. For example, there may be multiple tags related to a single malware family or campaign. In this case, you can use Tag Alias to look for all samples that are linked to a particular malware family or campaign by different tags.
Tag Class
Find samples associated with a particular Tag Class: a Malware Family, a Campaign, an Actor, an Exploit, or a type of Malicious Behavior.
Tag Group
Find samples that are part of a specified Tag Group. Tag groups are defined by Unit 42 based on malware classification and cannot be modified by the user.
Tag Scope
Filter samples by the scope of their tags: private, public, Unit 42 (alerting), or Unit 42 informational (non-alerting).
Tag Source
Find samples with tags that are attributed to a particular tag source. The Tag Source is the individual or organization that discovered the threat that the tag identifies. The list of tag sources to choose from is based on all tags with a Tag Visibility that is set to public.

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