Cortex Data Lake for Panorama-Managed Firewalls

Use Panorama™ to onboard a large-scale firewall deployment to Cortex™ Data Lake.
Palo Alto Networks firewalls send logs directly to Cortex™ Data Lake. However, you can use Panorama™ to onboard firewalls to Cortex Data Lake at scale instead of onboarding individual firewalls. Cortex Data Lake onboarding includes provisioning the certificates that firewalls need to securely connect to Cortex Data Lake, configuring device groups and templates with the right settings, and then pushing those settings to managed firewalls. When you’re done, you can use Panorama to view records for the logs that are stored in Cortex Data Lake (or you can use the Explore app to view and interact with your logs).
If you’re using Prisma™ Access (Panorama-Managed), you must use Panorama to onboard firewalls to
Cortex Data Lake
You can onboard up to 20 Panorama appliances to a
Cortex Data Lake
instance. However, if you’re using Prisma™ Access (Panorama-Managed), only one Panorama appliance that is managing Prisma Access can be associated with a
Cortex Data Lake
instance at a time. If such a Panorama appliance is already associated with your instance when you add a Panorama appliance, you will not be able to select another appliance that is managing Prisma Access.
Before you begin, ensure that you meet these requirements. You’ll need:
  • A Panorama virtual appliance or hardware-based Panorama appliance running a supported PAN-OS version.
  • A Panorama device management license.
  • A supported version of the Cloud Services plugin. See the configuration for your PAN-OS version to find out how to install.
  • Next-generation firewalls with a valid support license that are managed by Panorama and that are running a supported PAN-OS version.
  • A Cortex Data Lake license (in addition to the device management license for Panorama). When you license Cortex Data Lake, all firewalls registered to your support account receive a Cortex Data Lake license. You can then use Panorama templates and device groups to configure the firewalls to forward logs to Cortex Data Lake.
    The Cortex Data Lake license provisions the service in one theater or region only. If you want the firewalls that belong to one template to send logs to one theater and the firewalls that belong to another template to send logs to a different theater, you need two Panorama appliances and two Cortex Data Lake licenses.
  • Consider that a Panorama™ appliance or firewall running PAN-OS
    9.1 and earlier versions cannot connect to Cortex Data Lake from behind a proxy (Cortex Data Lake requires mutual authentication).
    You can, however, enable proxy communication on PAN-OS 10.0 and later versions:
After you review the installation requirements,

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