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Physical Specifications

Learn about the PA-220 firewall physical specifications.
The following table describes PA-220 firewall physical specifications.
Rack units and dimensions
1.62”H X 6.29”D X 8.07”W (4.1cm X 16cm X 20.5cm)
The depth measurement includes hardware that protrudes from the back of the firewall. If the rubber feet are installed on the bottom of the firewall, add .78” (2cm) to the height.Rack units and dimensions if the PA-220 firewall is installed in the PA-220 19” rack kit.
  • Rack units—1U
  • Rack kit dimensions—1.75”H X 14”D X 17.5”W (4.44cm X 35.56cm X 44.45cm)
  • Firewall weight—3lbs (1.36Kg)
  • Shipping weight—5.4lbs (2.45Kg)

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