PA-800 Back-Panel

The following images show the back panel of the PA-820 and PA-850 Series firewall and the table describes each back panel component. The only difference between the back panels of the two firewalls is that the PA-820 has one fixed power supply and the PA-850 firewall has two hot-swappable power supplies (the second power supply is for redundancy).
PA-820 Back Panel
PA-850 Back Panel
Power inputs
Use the power supply input(s) to connect power to the firewall.
  • PA-820 firewall—Single fixed AC power supply and power input.
  • PA-850 firewall—Two AC power supplies and power inputs.
Ground stud
Use the single post ground stud to connect the firewall to earth ground (ground cable not included).
Cooling fans
Fans that provide ventilation and cooling for the firewall.

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