PAN-OS ® New Features Guide

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With PAN-OS 10.2, Palo Alto Networks introduces new and enhanced cloud-delivered security services. In concert with our ML-Powered Next-Generation firewalls, these services maximize ROI and extend best-in-class security without requiring independent infrastructures. PAN-OS 10.2 leverages cloud compute for artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques to secure the modern enterprise with unmatched performance.

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Feature Highlights

Administrator-Level Push

Push just the configuration changes made by the Panorama administrator to managed firewalls.

Multiple Certificate Support for SSL Inbound Inspection

You can add a new or updated certificate for an internal server to your SSL Inbound Inspection decryption rule before you load the web server with the latest certificate.

Simplified IoT Security Onboarding

Use a simplified workflow to add a Log Forwarding profile to the Security policy rules on your firewall.

Advanced Routing Engine

Enable the Advanced Routing Engine for an industry-standard configuration methodology.