Simplified IoT Security Onboarding

Use a simplified workflow to add a Log Forwarding profile to the Security policy rules on your firewall.
When onboarding IoT Security, a part of the firewall setup involves creating a Log Forwarding profile and applying it to Security policy rules. From PAN-OS 10.2, you simply select a predefined Log Forwarding profile and apply it to as many rules as you like in bulk.
To use this workflow, you must have already configured Security policy rules, enabled logging on the rules, and enabled logging services with enhanced application logging.
  1. Apply a Log Forwarding profile for IoT Security to Security policy rules.
    1. Log in to your next-generation firewall, select
      Log Forwarding for Security Services
      in the Policy Optimizer section.
    2. To view all your Security policy rules—including those with a Log Forwarding profile and those without it—choose
      for Log Forwarding Profile.
    3. Select the rules for which you want to forward logs to the logging service and
      Attach Log Forwarding Profile
    4. To apply the default Log Forwarding profile to your rules, choose
      IoT Security Default Profile - EAL Enabled
      and then
      The default profile is preconfigured to provide IoT Security with all the log types it requires, including enhanced application logs (EALs).
      You don’t have to select
      Enable Enhanced IoT Logging
      because enhanced application logging (EAL) is already enabled on IoT Security Default Profile.
      To add the forwarding of EALs to an existing Log Forwarding profile that doesn’t already have it, choose it from the Log Forwarding Profile list, select
      Enable Enhanced IoT Logging
      , and then
      When you select
      Enable Enhanced IoT Logging
      , PAN-OS updates the chosen Log Forwarding profile itself and thereby enables enhanced log forwarding on all rules that use the same Log Forwarding profile.
      PAN-OS adds the chosen Log Forwarding profile to those rules that don’t already have one and replaces previously assigned profiles with this one.
  2. Commit
    your changes.

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