Selective Commit of Configuration Changes

Select and commit configuration objects in PAN-OS.
To allow for greater control of configuration changes, PAN-OS 10.2 enables you to specify which administrator configuration changes to include in a commit and allows you select individual configuration objects. Leveraging selective commit allows you to maintain your defined operational procedure while still being able to successfully make independent configuration changes not defined in your operational scope. This helps mitigate and avoid potential outages and configuration related issues that could cause network disruptions.
  1. Make any configuration changes as needed.
  2. Perform a selective commit.
    1. Select
      Commit to Panorama
      and select
      Commit Changes Made By
      to commit only your own configuration changes.
      Panorama managed firewalls
      ) On Panorama, select
      Commit to Panorama
      . Additionally, the
      Commit and Push
      operation is also supported and allows you to make the same object level configuration selections to commit.
    2. (
      Click the admin in displayed next to the
      Commit Changes Made By
      field to modify the Admin Scope and include configuration changes made by other admins in the commit.
    3. Expand the list of configuration changes to review.
    4. In the Include in Commit column, uncheck (clear) a configuration object to not include in the commit.
      All configuration changes made by admins in the Admin Scope are included by default.
    5. Commit
  3. (
    Panorama managed firewalls only
    ) Perform an Administrator-Level Push.

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