Log Collector Health Monitoring on Panorama

Monitor the managed Log Collector health status from the Panorama™ management server.
The Panorama management server now supports centralized visibility into the managed Log Collector health status. The Log Collector health status is based on the health status of vital Log Collector processes and you can view both the overall health status and the health status of each log collection process. You can monitor the status of these processes to help identify and resolve issues impacting log collection.
  1. Select
    Managed Collectors
    and navigate to the Health column.
  2. Review the overall health status of the Log Collector.
    A green circle ( ) indicates that the Log Collector is healthy and red circle ( ) indicates that one or more log collection processes are experiencing degraded health.
  3. View the
    Health Status
    details to view the health status of each log collection process.
    • logd—
      Process responsible for ingesting logs received from the managed firewall and for transferring ingested logs to the vldmgr.
    • vldmgr—
      Process responsible for managing the vld processes.
    • vlds—
      Process responsible for managing individual logging disks, writing logs to the logging disks, and ingesting logs into ElasticSearch.
    • es—
      ElasticSearch process running on the Log Collector.

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