CN-Series Firewall as a Kubernetes CNF

You can now deploy the CN-Series as a Container Network Function (CNF) in your Kubernetes environment.
CN-Series-as-a-daemonset and CN-Series-as-a-kubernetes-service deployment modes provide an automated security deployment and leverage the auto-scaling capabilities of Kubernetes. However, these deployment modes have limited insertion options and don’t support I/O acceleration. In addition, they limit the achievable throughput for the application pods that require inspection and use multiple network interfaces.
Deploying the CN-series-as-a-kubernetes-CNF resolves these challenges for traffic that uses Service Function Chaining (SFC) through external entities such as cloud provider's native routing, vRouters, and Top of Rack (TOR) switches. The CN-series-as-a-kubernetes-CNF mode of deployment does not impact the application pods.

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