L3 IPV4 Support for CN-Series

With the Kubernetes CNF, CN-Series now supports the traffic through a vRouter, where static routes are configured to redirect traffic to the dataplane interfaces of the firewall. For reverse direction, the traffic is redirected to the same firewall using L3 Policy-based routing (PBR) with IPv4 IP addresses. IP addresses to the interfaces in k8s environment are typically programmed through the CNI using DHCP.
In kubernetes CNF mode, only one CN-NFGW pod is supported with an CN-MGMT pod.
CN-Series supports Static and Connected routes and BGP protocol. OSPF is supported on Native/OnPrem environments, but not supported on Public clouds, due to the limitation in the cloud infrastructure. BFD and tunnel interfaces are not supported.
vWire can still be used on dataplane ports where an external ToR is configured to manage L1 PBR.

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