Custom Role-Based Access Control

Customize role-based administrative access to delegate specific tasks or permissions to certain administrators.
Prisma Access Cloud Management implements custom Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), to enable you to manage roles or specific permissions, and assign access rights to administrative users. Using RBAC, you can manage users and their access to various resources within Cloud Management.
If you require more granular access control than the predefined roles provide, you can add custom roles to define which permissions are enforced for your users. Similar to predefined roles, custom roles are a set of permissions and permission sets. Unlike predefined roles, each custom role is assignable only to the users in the hierarchy under the Tenant Service Group (TSG) where it is defined. This avoids name conflicts between similarly named custom roles defined by different customers.
If you add a custom role at the top level (parent level) of the hierarchy, that role is assigned to the tenants nested below so that the parent tenant can manage the child tenants.

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