Onboard a Remote Network (Cloud Management)

Learn how to onboard a new branch network to Prisma Access for consistent security enforcement.
To add a new remote network site to Prisma Access, start by specifying the location and defining the amount of bandwidth to allocate to the connection.
  1. Make sure that you have allocated bandwidth to the location where you’ll deploy the remote network. See Plan Your Remote Network Deployment (Cloud Management).
  2. Go to
    Remote Networks
    Remote Networks Setup
  3. Give the remote network a descriptive
    Site Name
  4. Select the
    in which the site is located, and the closest Prisma Access
  5. (
    Only if you’re planning to use BGP for dynamic routing
    ) Enable
    ECMP Load Balancing
    so that the remote network site can use up to four IPSec tunnels.
    BGP is required for ECMP load balancing; QoS and static routes are not supported.
    To use ECMP load balancing, specify a minimum
    50 Mbps
    . Prisma Access divides the bandwidth you select by the number of tunnels; for example, if you specify 300 Mbps and add four tunnels, each tunnel carries 75 Mbps. If one of the tunnels goes down, your network connection will now carry 225 Mbps instead of 300 Mbps.
  6. Continue to Connect a Remote Network Site to Prisma Access (Cloud Management), where you’ll create an IPSec VPN tunnel to connect the remote network site to Prisma Access.

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