: GTP Information on the ACC
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End-of-Life (EoL)

GTP Information on the ACC

Use the ACC to see visual representations of GTP log data.
The Mobile Network Activity tab on the Application Command Center (ACC) includes widgets that visually represent GTP log data. The interactive widgets allow you to set the ACC filters and drill down into the details for each table or graph, or customize the widgets included in the tab to focus on the information you need.
This tab includes the following widgets:
Widget Name
GTP Events
Displays the top ten GTP events that have generated the highest number of logs. If you maximize the widget, you can view the top 500 events.
Sort attribute: count of GTP events.
Charts available: bar and line.
Mobile Subscriber Activity
Displays the top ten most active users on the network who have generated the largest volume of traffic and consumed network resources to obtain content. It includes the mobile subscriber’s IMSI and IMEI information.
Sort attributes: bytes, sessions, threats, content, URLs, apps.
Charts available: line.
GTP Rejection Causes
Displays the top ten GTP rejection events. When you enable logging, GTP-C response messages include Information Element (IE) values that indicates whether a message has been accepted or not, and when a network node rejects a message, it provides a reason for rejecting the message. This widget displays the causes for rejecting a GTPv1 and GTPv2 messages. For a list, see GTP Cause Values in Logs.
Sort attribute: count of GTP events.
Charts available: bar and line.

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