Add High-Risk Artifacts to a Search or Export List

When you Find High-Risk Artifacts in your search results, you can add these artifacts to your existing search and/or to an export list. You can also view PAN-DB categorization information, WildFire DNS history, and passive DNS history for domains, URLs, and IP addresses. The following table describes how to search, export, and drill down on file analysis artifacts.
  • Add an artifact to a search.
    Alternatively, select
    Add to New Search
    to launch a new search for the artifact in a separate window, or add a SHA256, IP address, user agent, filename, or URL artifact to a remote search (see Set Up Remote Search).
  • Add an artifact to an export list.
    See Export AutoFocus Artifacts for steps to build an AutoFocus export list.
  • View PAN-DB categorization, WildFire DNS history, and passive DNS history for an artifact.
    Select an IP address, URL, or domain artifact and click
    Domain and URL info...

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