Create Alert Exceptions

You can choose different alert settings for individual tags by adding the tags as alert exceptions. Create exceptions so that the alerts you receive for threat samples are prioritized by tag.
  1. Select
  2. If there are no email or HTTP/HTTPS Alert Actions listed, Define Alert Actions.
  3. Identify the tag type for which you want to create an alert exception, and click
    Add Exception
  4. In the Tag field, start typing the tag name, and select it from the list of tags.
  5. Select an alert Action for the tag.
    • Select one of the email or HTTP/HTTPS alert actions to enable alerts for the tag.
    • Select
      to disable alerts for the tag.
  6. Select
    to enable the alert action for samples in your network that match the tag.
  7. Click
    Save Exception
  8. To change or delete alert exceptions, Edit Alerts.

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