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Dashboard Overview

Scan the AutoFocus dashboard to view and drill down on pervasive artifacts, including top malware, top applications, and top firewalls. You can alternate dashboard views to display the threat landscape globally, for your organization, your industry, and using your customized reports.
As you move between the dashboard tabs, the data displayed is updated to reflect the dashboard context:
  • My Organization
    —View the threat landscape for your network, with the capability to drill down and search on data for firewalls associated with the selected support account. Top firewalls are only displayed on the organization tab and are not visible in other contexts.
  • My Industry
    —View the threat landscape across your industry. Explore and examine targeted threats or trends affecting similar networks and organizations. Industry data is populated according to the industry associated with the selected support account (for example, high tech or healthcare).
  • All
    —View the global threat landscape to contextualize both threats affecting your network and your industry. The
    tab includes the additional widget Target Industries that allows you to compare malware rates across industries.
    views display statistics for all samples (public and private) but do not allow access to the details of private samples (unless they are private samples from firewalls associated with your support account).
  • Threat Summary Report
    —View a summary of all the threats that have been detected within the specified time frame.
  • Customized Reports
    —Reports that you create can be added to the dashboard view for quick reference. You can use any of the widgets to formulate your own report; alternatively, you can use an existing default report as the basis for a new report. The name of the tab indicates the name of the custom report.
Drill Down on Dashboard Widgets for more details on a threat artifact, with the option to add the artifact to a search, or tag the artifact as an indicator of compromise (IOC).
For an overview of each of the dashboard widgets, take a First Look at the AutoFocus Portal.

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