View Threat Summary Report Details

View the threat summary report on the AutoFocus portal or generate a printable PDF of the report. The version of the report on the portal is interactive and lets you see the exact figures that make up the chart data.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  2. Configure
    the report settings to choose a time period for filtering the report details, and
    the report.
    Your Malware Session Percentage By Day is compared with the figures for your industry.
  3. Hover over chart elements to view exact counts or percentages.
    Click on a bar in the
    Top Firewalls
    Top Upload Sources
    chart to add the value to a search.
  4. For the charts
    Malware Session Percentage By Day
    Top Filetypes Per Application
    , select which data to display or hide.
    Hide filetypes that are seen in larger quantities to view the counts for filetypes that are seen in smaller quantities.
  5. Click on a tag to view Tag Details.
  6. Click
    Download PDF
    to generate a PDF of the report.

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