DNS Security Dashboard Widgets

The widgets populating the DNS Security dashboard are interactive and allows you to view additional details or pivot to a list of specific requests, events, and domains.
The following list provides an overview of the DNS Security dashboard widgets:
Widget Name
DNS Requests (C2, Malware, and Total)
Displays the number of C2, malware, and total number of DNS requests. Click on the widget body to filter the dashboard DNS category based on the selected type.
Specifying a custom period through the DNS Requests Trend widget updates the requests shown in the DNS Requests widgets.
Alternatively, you can use the
DNS Category
filter at the top of the page to switch to any of the defined DNS categories. Click
See All >
to view a complete list of DNS events.
DNS Requests Trend
Displays a bar chart showing DNS requests based on the
and the
DNS Category
filter settings at the top of the page. You can also define time a specific period by clicking on a bar representing a specific date.
  • Click on a bar to display a list of DNS requests that were submitted during a specific time.
  • Hover over a bar to view an exact request count for a specific time.
[Malicious] Domains
Displays the number of domains seen in your network, within your industry, other industries, as well as the total number, based on the selected DNS category.
  • The domains listed on this widget are also dictated by the filters set at the top of the page, as well as other widgets that include domain filtering capabilities.
  • Click on a statistic to open a detailed domain request listing. The filters at the top can be used to further refine and explore the available DNS Security domain data.
DNS Categories
Displays a pie chart showing a breakdown of the DNS requests as categorized by the DNS Security service. Use the navigation pane to access the following AutoFocus features:
  • Hover over a slice or the label that it represents to open a popup showing the number of DNS requests for a specific category.
  • Click on a label to remove the category from the pie chart calculation.
Selecting a DNS category within the widget filters the entire dashboard with the selected category.
Top Domains
Provides a list of the most commonly requested domains from your network.
  • The top domains list is generated based on the filter settings applied at the top of the dashboard. Widgets that affect the overall page settings also determine which domains are shown.
  • Hover over a bar to view usage statistics.
  • Click on a domain to view DNS analysis details.
DNS Security Coverage
Provides a pie chart showing the proportion of firewalls with/without an active DNS Security license.
See all >
to view a detailed list of firewalls with identification specifics and the DNS Security protection status.

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