Export AutoFocus Dashboard and Reports

AutoFocus™ allows you to export specific content displayed on a selected report or dashboard page as shown on-screen. Only the content that is displayed on a given dashboard page can be exported. For example, if the selected dashboard contains the Sample Verdicts, Download Sessions, Top Applications, and Top Malware widgets, only those items using the selected visualization options are displayed in the PDF.
Depending on the widget configuration and visualization options used, you might not be able to view the entire data set presented within a widget in the PDF report. Adjust the widget size by changing the number of columns per row and configuration options to best suit your PDF report presentation requirements.
  1. Go to your AutoFocus
    and open the report you want to export.
    • Dashboard—Select the report you want to export from the report tabs.
    • Reports—
      the report you want to export.
  2. (Optional) Configure your widgets with the appropriate data and visualization options, as well as the date range.
  3. Download PDF
    to generate and download the export file.

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