AutoFocus Portal Settings

icon on the upper-right corner of AutoFocus interface to view, modify, or enable the following settings as needed. The settings for preferred hash, scope, and landing page are unique for each user in a support account.
The following options are listed in the
tab of the
  • Preferred Hash
    —Select the hash type you would like to use as the default sample or session identifier for AutoFocus search results: SHA-1, SHA-256, or MD-5.
  • Preferred Scope
    —Select the default scope of your search results: My Samples (private), Public Samples, or All Samples (private and public samples).
  • Landing Page
    —Select the page that displays by default after logging in to the AutoFocus portal.
  • Share public tags anonymously
    —If you select this option, tags that you share publicly will not list your organization as the tag owner in the tag details.
  • Remote Systems
    —Label and specify the address of a Palo Alto Networks firewall, Panorama, or third-party log management system that AutoFocus can search remotely. You can add up to 500 remote systems. View the complete workflow for how to Set Up Remote Search.
  • API
    —If you have activated an AutoFocus API key in the customer support portal, you can view your key here. Also view the API key status, the number of license users, points usage, and total points. For more information on the AutoFocus API, refer to API documentation and examples.
You can view a list and the details of trusted root certificate authorities (CAs) in the
Default Trust Certificate Authorities
tab of the Settings page.
For each trusted root CA, the organization, common name, serial number, and the validity dates are displayed.

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