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Here’s what’s new in Autonomous DEM:

What’s New in November 2021

The following new feature was released in November 2021.
New Features in November 2021
Support for Remote Sites
ADEM is now natively integrated with Prisma SD-WAN and will deliver exceptional user experience for Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE. ADEM for Prisma Access together with Prisma SD-WAN provide comprehensive visibility into remote site experience by providing segment wise insights on all WAN paths (active and backup). This helps you quickly isolate the domains and WAN paths that are experiencing degraded experience for remote site users and devices.
View the overall experiece score of your remote sites in the
tab by selecting the
Remote Site Experience
card. The
Remote Sites
dashboard provides experience details for each site.
Remote Sites Experience
card in th
tab is visible only if you have purchased the Remote Networks license.
For details on this feature, refer to the Remote Sites dashboard.

What’s New in October 2021

The following new features were released in October 2021.
New Features in October 2021
ADEM for Hybrid Workforce
Optimizing User Experience and application performance across hybrid work environments on and off campus.
With Autonomous DEM for Hybrid Workforce, regardless of whether Prisma Access GlobalProtect Mobile Users are connected from an untrusted network or a trusted network, Autonomous DEM will continue to provide User Experience and Application Performance Monitoring.
Autonomous DEM can be enabled when GlobalProtect Clients connect to Prisma Access. Once enabled, it will continue to monitor user experience across hybrid work environments on and off campus.
For more details on this feature, refer to the First Look at Autonomous DEM in Prisma Access.
Disable All Autonomous DEM Update Notifications
Starting in GlobalProtect version 5.2.8, you have the option to suppress receiving all Autonomous DEM update notification on the Mobile User devices. See Enable ADEM in Panorama Managed Prisma Access for Mobile Users or Enable ADEM in Cloud Managed Prisma Access for Mobile Users for details.

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