Features Introduced in April 2021

Learn what’s new in Prisma SD-WAN in April 2021.
New Feature/Enhancement
Event Policy Management
Use Event Policies to manage system-generated alerts and alarms in your network for improved network visibility and quicker troubleshooting. You can leverage event policy rules to suppress or escalate alarms that arise during a scheduled time period.
You can also change the default priority of system-generated alarms to a priority level that is more aligned with your operational requirements.
You can apply event policy rules to different network resources such as sites, devices, interfaces, circuits, and BGP peers and take action on specific event codes.
Collection and Export of Telemetry with IPFIX
For network and application visibility, you can configure branch ION devices to export link quality, system metadata, and flow information to an external collector using standards-based IPFIX with custom templates.
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later
Time Series for Circuit Statistics
For accurate circuit metering and site capacity planning, you can now use circuit-level statistics to identify the bandwidth usage for circuits on
Quick Filters
Time Series for Interface Statistics
To gain visibility of LAN traffic and identify potential errors or dropped packets on an interface, use
Quick Filters
Next-Hop Reachability Probe
If you have configured static routes on the ION device, you can now enable the next-hop reachability probe to verify that the destination IP address or prefix is reachable using ICMP probes. When enabled, if the next hop is unreachable, the ION device forwards traffic to the destination prefix using alternate paths.
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later
Support for Secondary IP Address
You can now configure secondary IP addresses on Layer 3 LAN interfaces to provide multiple logical subnets for an interface.
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later
Static ARP for LAN Interfaces
You can now specify a static ARP entry on a LAN interface which enables you to create a static MAC address to IP address mapping.
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later
Enhanced Identification of Site Connectivity Events
The Prisma SD-WAN controller generates two new alarms for site connectivity issues.
alarm is generated when the site loses connectivity with the controller and all the remote branches or data centers.
  • At a data center site, this alarm is generated when all the network secure fabric links are down.
  • At a branch site, this alarm is generated when all network secure fabric links are down and all the devices at the site are disconnected from the controller for more than 10 minutes.
The controller clears this alarm if either the connectivity is re-established or if at least one of the VPNs is up.
alarm is generated when any one of the following conditions exist:
  • Direct Internet or Direct Private WAN is down.
  • At least one of the secure fabric links at the site is down.
  • At least one of the service links is down.
The controller clears this alarm when all the WAN paths are up.
Enhanced Alarms
alarm is enhanced for logical interface level issues.
When a physical interface goes down, all alarms are suppressed for the logical interfaces associated with that physical interface. The controller clears the alarm only when the parent interface is up but does not suppress the interface down alarm if any one of the child interfaces is down.
The secure fabric link alarms,
are enhanced to suppress the related VPN alarms.
WAN Reachability for Branch High Availability Deployments
To detect connectivity issues over a WAN circuit and prevent middle mile failures, you can now track the Layer 3 reachability of WAN circuits. In the event of a middle mile failure, when tracking WAN availability, the ION device will reduce the HA priority of the active device.
This configuration is only recommended for specific topologies, refer to the Branch HA Topologies Guide.
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later
Prisma SD-WAN Device and Tenant Management
MSP tenants can now take stock and move devices they own between child tenants that they manage using the Device Manager web interface.
Additions to Application Definitions
The following new system application definitions are available on Prisma SD-WAN.
  • Google Meet
  • Ring Central SIP
  • Ring Central Media
  • Ring Central Meeting
Device Software Version Required: 5.5.1 and later

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