Configure NextHop Reachability Probe

Learn how to configure NextHop reachability probes in Prisma SD-WAN.
The ION device checks if the next hop configured on the static route is reachable when you enable the
NextHop Reachability Probe
. To check if the next hop is reachable, the ION device initiates ICMP probes every second and waits 100 ms for a reply from the next hop. Failure to receive 3 consecutive ICMP responses causes the device to mark the next hop as unreachable and the device removes the static route. As a result, the device forwards traffic to the destination prefix via an alternate path and does not drop traffic due to an unreachable next hop.
The device decides the number of probes dynamically based on the next hops. If multiple static routes have the same next hop, then the device configures only one probe. If there are multiple next hops, the device configures multiple probes.
Enable the NextHop Reachability probe when configuring a static route.
  1. Select
    Claimed Devices
    Select a Device
    Configure the device
  2. Create or edit a static route and toggle the
    Next Hop Reachability Probe
    You will not be able to enable the Next Hop Reachability probe if:
    • The next hop is an interface on the ION device.
    • If
      for the next hop.
    • If recursive next hop is configured on a data center ION device.
  3. To check the status of the NextHop Reachability Probe, click the ellipsis menu for a static route and then select
    View the reachability status of the next hop along with the next hop address on the
    Nexthop Reachability Status

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