Prisma SD-WAN IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Protocol

Learn how to configure IPFIX in Prisma SD-WAN.
Prisma SD-WAN IPFIX provides network and application visibility by transmitting flow information to an external collector. This increased awareness allows for more efficient network operations, decreased operation costs, and better utilization of the network infrastructure.
IPFIX monitors traffic across the network by collecting traffic records at different points in the network. The ION device exports these flow records to third-party collector applications. The IPFIX implementation and the terms used are based on the guidelines outlined in RFC 7011 ( You can use the exported IPFIX records for various purposes such as network management and planning, optimized troubleshooting, enterprise accounting, studying trends in performance metrics, data mining, understanding network anomalies, and protecting the network from security vulnerabilities.
Learn how to configure IPFIX.

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