Add ION Devices to HA Groups

Let us learn to add ION devices to HA Groups.
After creating an HA Group, you can add ION devices to the HA Group. An HA Group can include a maximum of two ION devices in this release.
  1. Navigate to an HA Group.
    You can navigate in any of the following ways to view an HA Group.
    • Navigate to
      . From the ellipsis menu select
      HA Groups
    • Navigate to
      Claimed Devices
      . Select a device and from the ellipsis menu select
      Configure the Device
    • Navigate to
      and select a branch site. Select the
  2. On the HA Groups screen, for an HA group click
    under the Devices column.
  3. On the Add Spoke HA Configuration screen:
    1. Select an HA Group from the Spoke Cluster drop-down list.
      The Enabled check box is selected by default.
    2. Enter a Priority between 1 and 254. If preempt is enabled, the device with the higher priority will be the active device. If preempt is not enabled then the device first added to the HA group will be active.
    3. Optional
      Track Availability
      , select an interface for tracking from the Name drop-down.
      • Track Availability for interfaces tracks the physical status of the interface.
      • Track availability for WAN tracks Layer 3 reachability for WAN circuits. If there is a transport issue causing middle mile failure, using track availability for WANs, an HA switchover can be induced by lowering the priority of the active device.
      • A maximum of four interfaces can be tracked for availability.
      • Only WAN facing interfaces with an attached circuit label are listed for tracking Layer 3 reachability on the WAN.
    4. Enter a value in the
      Reduce Priority
      field to reduce the device priority when the selected interface or Layer 3 reachability over the WAN circuits is down.
    5. Click
      The device is added to the HA Group. An up arrow indicates that the device is enabled.
      • The HA switchover from active to backup device occurs when the track availability fails. As soon as the interface is available again or when the Layer 3 reachability on the WAN is restored, an HA switchover is induced restoring the devices to their original state.
      • We do not recommend to enable tracking of Layer 3 availability for:
        • A private WAN interface that has BGP peering configured.
        • Devices sharing a single circuit.

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