Delete a Managed Cloud App

Learn how to delete a cloud app from SaaS Security API.
When you delete a cloud app, SaaS Security API purges all related cloud app data from SaaS Security API, removes the cloud app from the Dashboard, and relinquishes permissions to access the cloud app. Deleting a cloud app does not remove the integration from the cloud app’s marketplace—you must do so manually.
For specific cloud apps (for example, Workplace), the cloud app vendor automatically notifies SaaS Security API when you delete the integration. If you do not delete the cloud app, the SaaS Security web interface displays
Marketplace integration deleted. Finish installing.
. In this case, it’s recommended that you also delete the cloud app to complete your uninstall.
Delete a cloud app if:
Before you delete a managed cloud app, contact SaaS Security Technical Support to speak with an experienced Support Engineer who will help you troubleshoot your issue.
  • Cloud app not in use
    —Your organization no longer uses the cloud app or was only using the cloud app on a trial basis, and you have no need to view the analytics that SaaS Security API compiled for the cloud app.
  • Integration deleted
    —You already deleted the integration on the cloud app’s marketplace and have no use for the cloud app data.
  • Asset display issues
    —Asset information is not displaying as expected, and you intend to add the cloud app again. A scan from scratch (includes both forward and backward scans) usually resolves this behavior, but a scan can take 24 hours or more to complete, depending on the number of assets. Before you delete the cloud app, try to resolve using reauthentication or, if available for your cloud app rescan.
  • Scan issues
    —You’re having unusual scan issues, and you do not have any assets on your tenant.
  1. (Recommended) Log in to your cloud app’s marketplace and delete the SaaS Security API integration.
  2. Log in to SaaS Security.
  3. Select
    Cloud Apps & Settings
  4. Select the cloud app instance name.
  5. Select
    Delete Cloud App

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