: Associate a Linked Panorama to the Cloud NGFW Resource

Associate a Linked Panorama to the Cloud NGFW Resource

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Associate a Linked Panorama to the Cloud NGFW Resource

Add a linked Panorama to your Cloud NGFW resource.
Before you can link multiple Panorama to a Cloud NGFW tenant, you must integrate your Cloud NGFW resource with the Panorama virtual appliance. You first prepare your Panorama appliance for this integration by installing the plugins. Then you'll need to use the Cloud NGFW console to link it with your Panorama appliance. Once you have successfully linked Cloud NGFW, use Panorama to manage security objects and rules and monitor logs and analytics.
  1. After linking your Panorama to your Cloud NGFW resource, you can associate it with another Cloud NGFW tenant.

Link Multiple Panorama to a Cloud NGFW Tenant

To link multiple Panorama with the same Cloud NGFW tenant:
  1. Log into the Cloud NGFW console.
  2. Select
    page displays information about currently linked Panorama. If a Panorama is not currently linked to a Cloud NGFW tenant this page is empty.
  3. Use the
    page to add an additional Panorama. Click
    Add Panorama
  4. In the
    Add Panorama
    screen, enter a
    Link Name
    . Select a currently linked Panorama from the
    Primary Panorama Serial Number
    drop-down. For HA environments, select the
    Secondary Panorama Serial Number
    from the drop-down.
    This screen displays two different icons describing the state of the Panorama license; a Panorama linked to CDL, and a Panorama that isn't linked to CDL. The image below illustrates these icons:
    If you select a Panorama serial number that isn't linked to CDL, you must specify an option to either cancel the linking process, in which case you agree to procure a CDL license and associate it with your Panorama appliance, or you agree to continue using Panorama for policy management only:
    If you select a Panorama license that is already connected to a CDL, you're asked to
    the association before continuing with the integration process:
  5. After selecting the Panorama license, click
    . The
    page changes to displays the
    Link ID
    and the linked
    Panorama Serial Number:
  6. After adding an additional Panorama to your Cloud NGFW, click
    and select the firewall you want to associate with Panorama.
  7. Select the
    Firewall Settings
  8. Scroll down to the
    Policy Management
    section. Select
  9. Use the drop-down menu to select
    Linked Panorama
    you want to associate with the firewall.
  10. Click
  11. Repeat steps 6-10 to include another Panorama to the resource.

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