Prisma Access and Panorama Version Compatibility

Learn about how the version compatibility between Prisma Access (Panorama Managed) and Panorama.
When Prisma Access upgrades its infrastructure and dataplane after a major release, the upgrades can be incompatible with earlier Panorama versions. Because of the fast-paced release of Prisma Access and the Cloud Services plugin, the software compatibility (end-of-support) dates for Panorama are shorter than the software end-of-life dates for Panorama releases and apply to Panorama version compatibility with Prisma Access only.
If the Panorama appliance that manages Prisma Access is running a software version that is incompatible (not supported) with the upgrades, you must upgrade Panorama to a compatible version to take full advantage of the capabilities of the infrastructure and dataplane upgrades. It is Palo Alto Networks’ goal to make this process as seamless as possible; for this reason, we make every effort to provide you with adequate notice of Panorama and Prisma Access version compatibility requirements.
Use the dates in the following table to learn when the software version of the Panorama that manages Prisma Access is no longer compatible with Prisma Access. Before the end-of-support date, you should plan to perform an upgrade to a supported Panorama version.
To find the latest EoS compatibility information for your Panorama with Prisma Access, log in to the Panorama appliance that manages Prisma Access, select the Service Setup page (
Cloud Services
Service Setup
), and view the information in the
Panorama Alert
section. See Notifications and Alerts for Panorama, Cloud Services Plugin, and PAN-OS Dataplane Versions for details.
Panorama Software Version
End-of-Support Dates for Prisma Access Deployments
February 1, 2021
Before this date, you must upgrade your Panorama version to 9.1.2 or later.
Starting with the Cloud Services plugin 1.8, Panorama versions of 9.0.
are not supported and a minimum version of 9.1.2 is required.
A Panorama version that is incompatible with Prisma Access includes all versions of that release; for example, when a 9.0 release is incompatible, all current 9.0.x versions of that release, including 9.0.4 and 9.0.7, are incompatible.
August 20, 2021
Before this date, you must upgrade your Panorama to a version that is later than 9.1.x. Palo Alto Networks will update this document with more specific upgrade guidelines as newer Panorama software releases become generally available.
The Panorama upgrade is required, regardless of the Cloud Services plugin version you are running at the end-of-support date. You cannot continue using an earlier version of the Cloud Services plugin with an earlier, unsupported Panorama version.

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