Enterprise DLP

Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP is the industry’s first cloud-delivered solution that comprehensively protects sensitive data across all networks, clouds, and users. It easily enables data protection and compliance in minutes, eliminating deployment and ongoing management cycles to ensure the most cost effective enterprise DLP on the market.


Enterprise DLP on Cortex XSOAR

Recommended Topics

Install the Enterprise DLP Plugin on Panorama

Install the Enterprise DLP (data loss prevention) plugin on your Panorama™ management server and managed firewalls.

Enterprise DLP API Reference

Use the Enterprise DLP APIs to integrate your DLP data with third-party applications or services.

Enable the Enterprise DLP Plugin

Create policy rules to enable firewalls to successfully leverage Enterprise DLP (data loss prevention).

Prisma Access Monitoring and Visibility

Here are the visibility and monitoring features available to you with Prisma Access.

Register and Activate DLP on Prisma Access

Complete the task to register and activate Entrerprise DLP on Prisma Access (Panorama Managed).


The Challenges of Data Protection

Solving Data Protection Challenges

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