The Palo Alto Networks Cortex Data Lake stores the context-rich enhanced network logs generated by our security products, including our next-generation firewalls, Prisma Access, and Cortex XDR. With Cortex Data Lake, you can collect ever-expanding volumes of data without needing to plan for local compute and storage, and it's ready to scale from the start. And most Cortex apps use the Cortex Data Lake to access, analyze, and report on your network data.

This cloud-based logging infrastructure is available in multiple regions. Review the Cortex Data Lake privacy datasheet for details on how network data is captured, processed, and stored.

Date Highlight
September 2021 Cortex Data Lake now features a simplified activation flow to help you get up and running with the product quickly and easily.
July 2021 For compliance with regional data privacy regulations, you can now select Germany as a host region when you activate Cortex Data Lake.
3 June 2021

With PAN-OS 10.1 or later, the firewall and Panorama can now use a device certificate to onboard to Cortex Data Lake and connect to other Palo Alto Networks cloud services. 

Devices using this certificate follow a new process to onboard to Cortex Data Lake. Make sure to follow the onboarding process appropriate for your PAN-OS version and deployment style.

29 April 2021 You can now get started forwarding logs from Cortex Data Lake more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively by using a self-signed certificate to authenticate your syslog or HTTPS receiver. After installing the certificate on your receiver, you can upload the private CA certificate as part of your syslog or HTTPS forwarding profiles.
24 February 2021 For an improved log management experience, Cortex Data Lake now supports additional log fields, a new format for log forwarding through email, and log forwarding profile enhancements. Visit the release notes to learn more.


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