Server Certificate Validation

These are the steps Cortex Data Lake takes to ensure that a log receiver has a valid certificate.
Cortex Data Lake secures your log data by ensuring that the server you specify to receive your logs is trusted and legitimate.
When you configure syslog or HTTPS forwarding, Cortex Data Lake ensures that your log data arrives safely to its intended destination by verifying the certificate on the receiving server. For maximum security, Cortex Data Lake performs multiple validity checks:
Cortex Data Lake checks...
to verify that...
Third-Party CA Signature
The server’s full certificate chain is present and signed by a trusted certificate authority (CA).
None of the certificates in the chain have expired.
Host Name Match
The value entered for the Syslog Server name matches the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of the server certificate.
Revocation Status
None of the certificates in the chain have been revoked by its issuing CA.

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