Troubleshooting Firewall Connectivity

If you’re having trouble connecting your firewall to Cortex Data Lake, here are some steps you can try to solve the issue.
If your firewall is showing connectivity issues in your
, try checking the license, certificate, log forwarding configuration, and ingest/query FQDN.

License Expired

If a firewall is disconnected, check its license status by logging into the firewall CLI and entering the following:
request license info
Sample output:
Feature: Logging Service Description: Device Logging Service Expires: April 06, 2038 Expired?: no
If you see
Expired?: yes
, follow the steps below to refresh the license on the firewall or on the Panorama managing the firewall.
For Panorama-managed firewalls, refresh the license from Panorama.
For firewalls not managed by Panorama, manually refresh the license from Device > License in the firewall UI.
If the license on the Panorama managing the firewall is expired, refresh the license on Panorama.
If the above does not resolve the issue, enter the following command in the firewall CLI:
request logging-service-forwarding status
Sample output:
Logging Service Licensed: Yes Logging Service forwarding enabled: No Duplicate logging enabled: No Enhanced application logging enabled: No Logging Service License Status: Status: Fetch: Install: Status: Success Msg: Successfully install fetched license Last Fetched: 2021/12/22 11:56:34 Upgrade: Logging Service Certificate information: Info: Failed Status: failure Last fetched: Mon Dec 27 15:20:44 2021 Logging Service Customer file information: Info: Failed to validate server certificate for endpoint Status: failure Last Fetched: 2021/12/27 15:24:24
If your output contains similar failures, this means that you upgraded a device from PAN-OS 10.0 or earlier to PAN-OS 10.1 or later, or you installed a device certificate on your 10.1 or later device. In that case, you should restart the
or restart the device. You can use the following CLI commands to restart the
masterd mgmtsrv stop
masterd mgmtsrv start

Needs Certificate

If the Certificate Status of a firewall indicates that the firewall Needs Certificate, this means that the firewall must be onboarded to Cortex Data Lake.

Certificate Expired

If the Certificate Status of a firewall indicates that the certificate is Expired, then log into the firewall CLI and enter the following:
request logging-service-forwarding status
If the output states that the certificate has expired, then follow the steps below for manually refreshing the certificate on the firewall.
If the output contains
Info: Error sending CSR signing request to Panorama
, then follow the steps for refreshing the certificate on Panorama.
In the firewall CLI, enter
request logging-service-forwarding certificate delete
request logging-service-forwarding certificate fetch
In the Panorama CLI, enter
request plugins cloud_services logging-service status
If the output contains
Logging service certificate expired
, then fetch a new certificate using the following command:
request plugins cloud_services panorama-certificate fetch otp <xxx>
If the command failed, check the plug-in log file with the following command:
less mp-log plugin_cloud_services.log
Otherwise, return to the CLI of the firewall you are troubleshooting and enter
request logging-service-forwarding certificate fetch
After you’ve completed the above, check the certificate status in your Cortex Data Lake

Connected but Logging Rate is Zero

If the Connection Status of your firewall is Connected but the Ingestion Rate is zero, then verify that your log forwarding profiles are correctly configured.

Failed to Fetch FQDN

The firewall may be unable to connect because it is not successfully retrieving the ingest/query FQDN for Cortex Data Lake. To find out if this is the case, log in to the firewall CLI and enter
request logging-service-forwarding status
Sample output:
Logging Service Customer file information: Customer ID: xxxxxxx EAL Ingest FQDN: Ingest FQDN: Info: Failed to fetch ingest/query FQDN for customer (curl failed) Query FQDN: Status: failure Last Fetched: 2020/07/22 19:01:06
If you see
Info: Failed to fetch ingest/query FQDN for customer (curl failed)
as in the above, then enter
request logging-service-forwarding customer-info fetch
to manually refresh the certificate. Then, check the Connection Status in your Cortex Data Lake
to see if the firewall is now connected.

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