Save Filters

Learn how to save the filters you create in the Cortex Data Lake log viewer.
After you create the filter to display the set of logs that you're interested in, you can choose to save the filter to use later or to share with other users.
  1. Select .
  2. If you already entered a filter in the query field before selecting , skip to the next step.
  3. (Optional) Name the filter.
    The default name is
    New Filter <
  4. Save
    the filter.
  5. After saving the query, click to view, execute, edit, delete, or share it with other users.
    • Select the query to execute it.
    • To share the query, select
      Copy Link
      , and provide the link to the user with whom you want to share it.
      The user must have access to the same Cortex Data Lake tenant and the necessary permissions to view logs.

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