Explore Cortex Data Lake by searching, filtering, and exporting log data. This app offers you critical visibility into your enterprise's network activities by allowing you to easily examine log data.

Date Highlight
28 October 2020 Explore now features an increased export size, a redesigned custom time picker, and miscellaneous user interface enhancements.
22 July 2020 Updated to support PAN-OS 10.0 log schema changes.

20 May 2020

Explore 2.0 now features an enhanced log viewer user interface, revised logging schema, and updated query language. With this release, Explore no longer supports Endpoint logs.


Explore Getting Started Guide

Get started exploring the log data that you have stored in the Cortex Data Lake.

Explore Schema Reference

Discover all the log types and log fields that you can view, search, and retrieve using the Explore app.