PA-5400 Series Firewall Data Processor Card (DPC)

Learn about the PA-5400 Series Data Processor Card, the front slot card that provides computing power to the appliance.
The PA-5400 Series Data Processor Card (DPC) is a front slot card that improves the processing capacity of the PA-5450 firewall. You can install up to four or five DPCs depending on your scaling needs and slot configuration. A DPC can be installed in slots 2 through 6; however, slot 2 may also be used for the installation of a Networking Card (NC). See PA-5400 Series Firewall Networking Card (NC) for more information.
The PA-5450 firewall makes use of paired Logical Card Slots in order to direct processing power from a DPC to a corresponding Networking Card (NC). Certain commands issued to the NC affect or are affected by the status of its corresponding DPC.
Because the DPC has no front ports or interfaces, you must change the firewall’s session distribution policy from the default.
It is recommended that you change the session distribution policy to
when installing the DPC.
The following DPCs can be installed in a PA-5450 firewall:

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