Changes to Default Behavior in SD-WAN Plugin 1.0.2

Changes to default behavior in SD-WAN plugin 1.0.2.
The following topic describes a change to default behavior in SD-WAN plugin 1.0.2:

Change to SD-WAN Auto VPN Configuration

Auto VPN configuration no longer creates VPN tunnels between SD-WAN hubs in a VPN cluster. (Auto VPN still creates VPN tunnels between a branch and a hub.) When you upgrade to PAN-OS 9.1.2 and to SD-WAN plugin 1.0.2, then push the configuration from Panorama, Panorama removes the previously created VPN tunnels between hubs.
To use VPN tunnels between your hubs, you must use Panorama templates to re-establish the tunnels after the upgrade to SD-WAN plugin 1.0.2.

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