Changes to Default Behavior in VM-Series Plugin 1.0.8

Changes to default behavior in VM-Series plugin 1.0.8.
The following topics describe changes to default behavior in VM-Series plugin 1.0.8:

Change to VM-Series Firewall Boot Mode when a License is Not Available

VM-Series firewalls deployed on GCP support DPDK mode by default. In previous VM-Series plugin releases, if the firewall deployed in GCP had more than three interfaces and did not have a valid license (or couldn’t reach the license server) the firewall sometimes failed to boot.
A change in default behavior in VM-Series plugin version 1.0.8 addresses this behavior
). If VM-Series plugin version 1.0.8 is installed and the firewall does not have a valid license, the firewall now successfully boots in Packet_MMAP mode. To run in DPDK mode, apply a license and reboot your firewall.

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