What’s New in VM-Series Plugin 1.0.9

The following topics describe the features introduced in this release.

Launch the VM-Series Firewall from the OCI Marketplace

You can now purchase and launch the VM-Series firewall from the from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Marketplace. Launching the VM-Series firewall from the OCI marketplace requires you to provide some bootstrap information, such as the authcode and Panorama IP address, to improve the ease of deployment.

High Availability for the VM-Series Firewall on OCI

You can now deploy a pair of VM-Series firewall on OCI in an active/passive high availability (HA) configuration. To ensure that your workloads are secured at all times, you must assign a secondary, floating IP address to each dataplane interface. The secondary IP address moves from the dataplane interface on the active peer to the corresponding dataplane interface on the passive peer i n the event of a failover.

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