Why Choose Cloud Managed Prisma Access?

Where can you use this feature?
This feature is available to you with the following licenses and products:
  • Licenses:
    URL Filtering
  • Products:
    PAN-OS, Prisma Access (Cloud Managed), Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
Where can I use this?
This feature comes with the
URL Filtering
license, and you can use it on:
  • PAN-OS
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Managed)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
Cloud Managed Prisma Access—using the Prisma Access app on the hub—is one of the two ways you can roll out and manage the Prisma Access cloud service:
  • Cloud Managed Prisma Access
    —The Prisma Access app on the hub gives you a simplified Prisma Access experience.
  • Panorama Managed Prisma Access
    —If you’re using Panorama to manage multiple firewalls (on-prem or virtual), you can also use Panorama to manage Prisma Access, and you can leverage your existing configurations.
The Prisma Access app and Panorama provide different interfaces that you can use to interact with the same Prisma Access cloud infrastructure. However, Prisma Access feature support can vary depending on the management interface, as we work to provide you management options in the Prisma Access app and Panorama. It’s important to consider that you cannot switch management interfaces; so before you get started, you must decide how you want to manage Prisma Access.
Cloud Managed Prisma Access gives you:
  • Secure connectivity to your corporate network for mobile users and remote networks.
  • Secure internet traffic for mobile users and remote networks.
  • Predefined best practice security profiles for internet traffic.
  • Predefined SSL decryption policies (these are turned off by default).
  • Secure access to SaaS applications.
  • Simplified workflow to onboard mobile users and remote networks to Prisma Access.

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