Prisma Access Alerts

Learn about the issues that Prisma Access detects and alerts you to.
Prisma Access shows you open and resolved alerts from the past 30 days, although you can narrow your alert view to focus in on specific time periods.
In previous versions of the integrated Prisma Access application,
were located within the Insights left navigation menu item. Now, the
menu item is located at the same level as the
menu item.
Click on an alert to learn more about the what’s happening and the impact to your mobile users and remote sites. You can also subscribe to status updates for Palo Alto Networks cloud services for further information.

Priority Alerts

Priority Alerts describe the status of your Prisma Access environment, especially if something is not working as expected.
Prisma Access generates alerts when an issue is raised and also when it’s resolved so that you know it’s been addressed. You cannot manually resolve alerts—an alert is only considered resolved when the issue triggering the alert has been fixed. Some alerts let you know about issues that the Prisma Access team is working on; others let you know about issues that you can resolve with a configuration update.

Open Alerts By Severity

You can see how many alerts are open by severity. The color of the vertical lines represents the severity of the alerts:
  • High severity - Red
  • Medium severity - Orange
  • Low severity - Yellow
The number to the right of the horizontal alerts bar tells you how many alerts there are with that severity. Click the number to open those alerts.

Total Alerts Distribution Over Time

This widget shows how many alerts were open during the
Time Range
selected. Click anywhere on the graph to see how many alerts are open at that time.

Total Alerts

Total Alerts
table includes details about all open alerts. Click on an
Alert Name
to open the Alert Details page and view all details about the alert you selected.

Informational Alerts

Informational Alerts notify you about upcoming software upgrades and status for upgrades that are in progress or completed. Click any row to see more information about the alert. This table can be filtered by
Time Range
and by

Alert Details

To understand the alert codes that appear in your alert emails, see Alert Codes.

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