Dashboard: DNS Security
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Dashboard: DNS Security

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Dashboard: DNS Security

Use the DNS Security dashboard to understand DNS activity in your network.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Panorama)
  • NGFW (Managed by PAN-OS or Panorama)
  • NGFW (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • VM-Series, funded with Software NGFW Credits
  • AIOps for NGFW Free (use the AIOps for NGFW Free app)
    AIOps for NGFW Premium license (use the Strata Cloud Manager app)
  • Prisma Access
  • DNS Security
  • Advanced
    DNS Security
    Advanced Threat Prevention
    licenses to view certain widgets
  • A role that has permission to view the dashboard
  • Click
    Strata Cloud Manager
    More Dashboards
    DNS Security
    to get started.

What does this dashboard show you?

The dashboard shows aggregated data per tenant service group (TSG). The dashboard shows data across Prisma Access, Palo Alto Networks firewalls, and Panorama appliances associated with your tenant.
The new DNS Security dashboard shows you how your DNS Security subscription is protecting you from advanced threats and malware that use DNS. You can also filter the information displayed on the dashboard by time range, action taken, domain, resolver IP, and DNS category. The source and tenant name for which the data is displayed on the dashboard are shown in the Tenant Name and Source filters. You can view:DNS request statistics and trends
  • Total DNS Requests
    - Displays the total number of DNS requests that are processed by DNS Security. The line chart diagrams the number of DNS requests based on the user-defined time range. Specifying a custom time range updates the line chart accordingly.
  • Malicious DNS Requests
    - Displays a stacked bar graph showing DNS requests that are categorized as malicious. Click the number link to view the details of the DNS requests.
  • Subscription
    - Displays the number of devices in your network with an active DNS Security subscription. A percentage of devices that are not equipped with DNS Security or with an expired subscription is also shown with a link to a complete list.
  • High-Risk DNS Category Trends
    - Examine the trend of high-risk DNS requests according to DNS category or according to the action taken against them. Hover over a specific flow to open a popup to show the number of requests or type of action enforced.
  • High-Risk DNS Category Distribution Across Actions
    - Examine the actions the firewall is taking against particular high-risk DNS categories.
  • Most Accessed Domains
    - Provides a list of the top 10 most commonly requested domains from your network along with the DNS category and the action taken. You can view more details and the relevant logs for a domain. Select
    View All DNS Requests
    for a complete list of domains that have been accessed.
  • DNS Resolvers
    - Monitor malicious and suspicious DNS resolution activity in your network. View the top DNS resolvers that resolve to malicious domains and the resolvers that are resolving a suspiciously low number of DNS requests. Click the search icon to view more details on the artifact (IP address). You can view the history of the artifact in your network and the global analysis findings.
  • Users Visiting Malicious Domains
    - Examine the hosts on your network who are attempting to resolve the hostname or domain of a malicious URL.
  • (Requires Advanced DNS Security license)
    Hijacked Domains
    - Provides a list of hijacked domains as determined by Advanced DNS Security. For each entry, there is a categorization reason and a traffic hit count based on the source IP.
  • (Requires Advanced DNS Security license)
    Misconfigured Domains
    - Provides a list of non-resolvable domains associated with the user specified public-facing parent domain(s). For each entry, there is a misconfiguration reason and a traffic hit count based on the source IP.
This dashboard supports reports. These icons,
in the top right of a dashboard indicate that reports are supported for this dashboard. You can share, download, and schedule reports that cover the data this dashboard displays.

How can you use the data from dashboard?

This dashboard helps you to:
  • examine how DNS requests are processed and categorized
  • get insight into the DNS based threats
  • detect DNS requests from hijacked and misconfigured domains with Advanced DNS Security

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