Migrate Panorama to a FW-Flex License

Complete the following procedure to migrate your VM-ELA or perpetual virtual Panorama license to a FW-Flex license. This migration allows you to move your existing Panorama devices to the FW-Flex license without disruption while retaining your existing serial number. Because your serial number does not change, your logs and existing policy are retained.
  1. Select
    Software NGFW Credits
    and click the
    button on the credit pool you used to create your profile.
  2. On the far right, select the vertical ellipsis (More Options) and select
    Provision Panorama
    and then click
    Migrate Existing
    The CSP displays all virtual Panorama devices associated with your support account.
  3. Select the check box for each virtual Panorama to be migrated.
  4. Click
    Verify that the
    Current Support Expiration Date
    has been updated. Additionally, you can expand each line to view the individual licenses applied to the selected Panorama.

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