Go to Autonomous DEM in Prisma Access

Learn how to access the Autonomous DEM functionality available within Prisma Access.
The hub is a single place where you can access the Palo Alto Networks cloud services and apps for your organization. From the Prisma Access app on the hub, you can select
Autonomous DEM
to monitor the digital experience across your SASE environment and use the metrics to identify users or applications that are experiencing a degradation and pinpoint the cause. To access Autonomous DEM you must have an active Prisma Access for Mobile Users license or a Prisma Access for Remote Networks license as well as an Autonomous DEM license.
To log in to the hub, and then to Prisma Access:
  • To go to Autonomous DEM from the Prisma Access app on the hub:
    1. Use the credentials associated with your Palo Alto Networks support account to log in to the hub.
    2. Launch the Prisma Access app.
  • To go to Autonomous DEM from Panorama:
    Cloud Services
    Insights And Autonomous DEM
    to launch the Prisma Access app on the hub.
  • From the Prisma Access app, select
    Autonomous DEM
    If you have activated your Autonomous DEM license, you will be able start monitoring the digital experience of your SASE users. If you have not yet activated your license, the ADEM functionality will be locked.

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