Collect Custom Attributes with the Cloud Identity Engine

If you have custom directory attribute formats, you can customize the attributes that the Cloud Identity Engine collects.
If your directory uses custom attributes, you must specify the custom attribute so that the Cloud Identity Engine can collect it. To view the default attribute formats, see Cloud Identity Engine Attributes.
  1. Log in to the hub and select the Cloud Identity Engine tenant that uses custom attributes.
  2. Select
    then select the directory type that uses the custom attribute.
  3. Select a custom attribute in your directory.
    The field is now editable.
  4. Enter the new value in the field and confirm the change by clicking the checkmark.
    Custom attributes cannot begin with an underscore ( _ ).
    A green triangle displays in the upper left corner of the row to indicate the changes.
    To use the original attribute value, select the custom attribute and
    Restore Default

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