Automatically secure your DNS traffic by using Palo Alto Networks DNS Security service, a cloud-based analytics platform providing your firewall with access to DNS signatures generated using advanced predictive analysis and machine learning, with malicious domain data from a growing threat intelligence sharing community.


DNS Security Administration

Secure Your DNS Traffic. Learn more about the DNS Security subscription service, how to configure the security service and monitor your DNS traffic to block DNS-based attacks from infiltrating your organization.

PAN-OS Release Notes

Thinking about upgrading your next-gen firewalls and Panorama to PAN-OS 10.2? Before you begin, make sure you review the release notes to learn about known issues, issues we've addressed in the release, and changes in behavior that may impact your existing deployment.

PAN-OS ® New Features Guide

With PAN-OS 10.2, Palo Alto Networks introduces new and enhanced cloud-delivered security services. In concert with our ML-Powered Next-Generation firewalls, these services maximize ROI and extend best-in-class security without requiring independent infrastructures.

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Disrupt DNS-Based Attacks

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DNS Security Datasheet