PA-5400 Series Firewall Module and Interface Card Information

Learn about the modules that make up the PA-5400 Series firewall.
The PA-5450 is a modular system that requires a Base Card (BC) and a Management Processor Card (MPC) to operate. The BC is an internal baseboard that provides connections to the front card slots, power supplies, and fan assemblies. The two types of front slot cards, Networking Cards (NC) and Data Processing Cards (DPC), are interfaced with the BC on the front of the appliance. A minimum of one NC and one DPC are required for the system to run. Due to the seven front slot arrangement, you can install up to two NCs and four DPCs or one NC and five DPCs. For details on installing front slot cards, see Install the Mandatory PA-5400 Series Firewall Front Slot Cards.
This chapter only covers the PA-5450. The PA-5450 is a modular firewall that makes use of interface cards for dedicated processing capabilities. The PA-5410, PA-5420, and PA-5430 do not have any interface cards.
The NC and DPC are hot-swappable while the BC and MPC are not.
See the following topics for more information on the PA-5450 firewall’s modules.

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