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Install an MPC Logging Drive

Install a Management Processor Card (MPC) logging drive to store PA-5400 Series firewall logs.
  1. Attach an ESD strap to your wrist and plug the other end in to the ESD port location on the front of the appliance. See PA-5450 Front Panel for the location of the ESD port.
  2. Loosen the retaining screw on the logging drive blank cover while gently pulling on the pull tab. Proceed until the logging drive blank cover can be pulled out from the MPC faceplate.
  3. Insert the logging drive into the opening in the MPC faceplate. Align the retainer screw with the threaded hole in the MPC faceplate.
  4. Once the logging drive is fully seated, tighten the retainer screw to 4 in-lbs.
    Exceeding a torque of 4.5 in-lbs will damage the equipment.
  5. Use a terminal emulator such as PuTTY to add the logging drive to the system. Enter the following CLI command:
    admin@PA-5400> request system disk add nvme0n1
    Executing this command will delete all data on the drive being added.
    Adding the logging drive can take a few minutes. Use
    admin@PA-5400> show system disk details
    to check the status. The
    field displays
    Admin enabled
    when the process is complete.
  6. Enable the newly added logging drive by entering the following CLI command:
    admin@PA-5400> request logdb-migrate logging-drive start
    The firewall automatically reboots after enabling the new logging drive.

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