PA-5450 Front Slot and Card States

Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot the front slot cards installed in the PA-5450 firewall.
You can view the slot and card status information on a PA-5450 Series firewall using the web interface or the command line interface (CLI). From the web interface, select
to view the status of each slot. From the CLI operational mode, run the following command:
show chassis status slot <slot-number>
For example, to show the status of slot 1, run the following command:
show chassis status slot s1
For information on troubleshooting card slots and changing slot states, see PA-5400 Series Firewall Networking Card (NC) Troubleshooting Commands.
The slot is empty and is ready to use.
The card is powered on and has a valid software configuration.
HA only
) The slot is not enabled.
In a high availability (HA) configuration, the NC slots stay in a disabled state until you enable the slot. This is by design, so you can install new NCs without causing a failover. After you insert matching NCs in both firewalls, you then bring up both cards simultaneously.
HA only
) After you enable a slot, this status appears until both slots are ready.
This also occurs if the peer does not have a matching card in the same slot number or the card in the peer is not ready.
The card is preparing for removal.
The card is in the process of powering on and the software is initiating.
The card is powered down and ready for removal.
An administrator powered down the slot and it will not be available until you power it back on. If there is a slot that you want ignored in an HA configuration HA, put it in this state.
The card has failed and needs to be replaced.
The card is not a supported type for this slot.

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