Reset the Firewall to Factory Default Settings

Resetting the firewall to factory defaults will result in the loss of all configuration settings and logs.
  1. Set up a console connection to the firewall.
    1. Connect a serial cable from your computer to the Console port and connect to the firewall using terminal emulation software (9600-8-N-1).
      If your computer does not have a 9-pin serial port, use a USB-to-serial port connector.
    2. Enter your login credentials.
    3. Enter the following CLI command:
      debug system maintenance-mode
      The firewall will reboot in the maintenance mode.
  2. Reset the system to factory default settings.
    1. When the firewall reboots, press
      to continue to the maintenance mode menu.
    2. Select
      Factory Reset
      and press
    3. Select
      Factory Reset
      and press
      The firewall will reboot without any configuration settings. The default username and password to log in to the firewall is admin/admin.
      To perform initial configuration on the firewall and to set up network connectivity, see Integrate the Firewall into Your Management Network.

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