Building Blocks of Zone Protection Profiles

To create a Zone Protection profile,
a profile and name it.
Zone Protection Profile Settings
Configured In
Network Profiles
Zone Protection
Enter a profile name (up to 31 characters). This name appears in the list of Zone Protection profiles when configuring zones. The name is case-sensitive and must be unique. Use only letters, numbers, spaces, and underscores.
Enter an optional description for the Zone Protection profile.
Continue to create the Zone Protection profile by configuring any combination of settings based on what types of protection your zone needs:
If you have a multi virtual system environment, and have enabled the following:
  • External zones to enable inter virtual system communication
  • Shared gateways to allow virtual systems to share a common interface and a single IP address for external communications
the following Zone and DoS protection mechanisms will be disabled on the external zone:
  • SYN cookies
  • IP fragmentation
  • ICMPv6
To enable IP fragmentation and ICMPv6 protection for the shared gateway, you must create a separate Zone Protection profile for the shared gateway.
To protect against SYN floods on a shared gateway, you can apply a SYN Flood protection profile with either Random Early Drop or SYN cookies; on an external zone, only Random Early Drop is available for SYN Flood protection.

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